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October 3, 2011

An Estate Tax Return may need to be filed even if not required.

An unused estate tax exclusion ($5 million in 2011) can benefits the surviving spouse.   To preserve the unused estate tax exclusion a timely Estate Tax Return must be filed.   READ MORE
Often I surviving family members do not need professional help with an estate of a family member.  There are many issues that the average person is not aware of.  An experience estate attorney can often determine quickly if there are any filings or other procedures that ahould be complied with.  Sometime actions have required time limits.  Missing the limits may be detrimental to the estate of survivors.  
Having current estate documents will provide the most flexibility for the estate and/or survivors.  These document should be reviewd periodically and when life cycle events occur.  Your estate attorney can tell how frequently the documents should be reviewed in your situation.  For many people every 5 to 10 years is appropriate. 

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