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December 31, 2011

Are you planning for your future?

This is the time of year the media is reviewing the past.  You should looking to the future.  It is too easy to look back.  For some, looking back prevents them moving forward.  Everyone should be asking:  Where am I?, Where do I want to be?, and How do I get there.  The answers for each person will be different!
Some people can do this when planning for: their business, for travel, decorating their homes and/or offices, etc.  For some reason they do not take the same approach for their personal finances. 
An article in the Wall Street Journal today discusses the need for a team.  This could provide the discipline to move forward, whether you are a do it yourself person or not.  The team can: help identify where you are, where you are going and how to get there.  A good team can help you recognize and deal with an ever changing and complex world.  
The article gives tips for evaluating financial advisors, accountants and lawyers. A disproportionate portion of the article is devoted to financial advisors.  Unlike the other two, almost anyone can call themselves a financial professional.  The article gives tips on how to sort through the various credentials, styles and responsibility taken for the various players.

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