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July 2, 2011

Suggestions to get the recovery back on track

David Wessel’s June 30th column in the Wall Street Journal set some prescriptions to revive the recovery”.  His suggestions include: 
To help housing: The federal government should buy foreclosed homes from the banks and give them to the local governments to help housing.  State-owned agencies similar to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae could refinance “credit-worthy underwater borrowers. 
To help employment: A tax credit for every worker hired or extra payroll dollars .
To improve confidence:  Pass free-trade pacts.  Passage of  bipartisan legislation to deal with defits.  Appointing and confirming  regulators for a growing list of vacancies.
Infrastructure:  Have a “quick round of infrastructure maintenance.
It is refreshing to see some people have serious ideas how our country can improve and grow.  We need more people thinking about solutions rather than problems.

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