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Experience The Difference Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planning Makes…

JAS Financial Services LLC is a Fiduciary Fee-Only financial planning and investment management firm. A Fiduciary Fee-Only Advisor, as defined by NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors),

“A fiduciary is a professional entrusted to mange assets or wealth while putting the client’s best interest first at all times. Financial advisors who follow a fiduciary standard must disclose any conflict, or potential conflict, to their clients before and during the advisory engagement. Fiduciaries will also adopt a code of ethics and fully disclose how they are compensated.”

All my services are provided by applying fiduciary principles. The only compensation I receive is from my clients.

JAS Financial Services, LLC offers the following services to our clients:

  • Broad-based, project-based, and personalized financial planning
  • Portfolio services
  • Investment management services
  • Advisor and Consulting services


JAS Financial Services, LLC’s mission is to be your long-term, trusted personal financial advisor. My passion is to help client achieve their financial goals. I strive to provide greater benefits to clients. All services are modeled to their unique circumstances. As a fiduciary, I deliver the duties of good faith, trust, confidence, and candor.

As a fiduciary, I shall always:

  • act in good faith and with candor
  • be proactive in disclosing any conflict of interest that may impact the services provided.
  • never accept any referral fees or compensation that is contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product

Please call 847-328-8011 or e-mail us
to schedule a no obligation meeting to learn how our services may meet your needs and the applicable fees.