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Services Provided


All services are provided by applying fiduciary principles.  The best interest of our clients always comes first.     

We are an independent financial advisor.  Services are provided by applying fiduciary principles. Financial planning, investment advice and investment management services are offered by JAS Financial Services, LLC.  Services are designed to maximize the benefits you receive. Every situation is unique and is always changing. The approach to every client is based on your unique situation, your goals (needs, wants and wishes) and other personal factors. The services and your plans are adjusted to reflect changes that occur over time.

Financial Planning- Helping You See the Big Picture (video will open in a new window)

Developing a Sound Financial Plan (video will open in a new window)

Among the services we provide are:

  • Financial planning on either a one-time, periodic or ongoing basis
  • Investment advice including specific recommendations for diversification and expense reduction
  • Strategies for building or updating tax-efficient portfolios
  • Developing diversified strategies to maximize potential growth and wealth
  • Second opinions on investment portfolios
  • Plan implementation or guidance for those who prefer to personally implement their plans
  • Strategies for college funding
  • Analysis and recommendations for managing cash flow and debt reduction
  • Tax strategies to minimize taxes in achieving your financial goals

Financial Planning Services

Our financial planning services include: broad-based, project-based and consulting financial planning. All of these services require an understanding of our client, their assets, goals (objectives), risk comfort zone, time horizon and related factors. We provide  written recommendations and assist in implementation of the recommendations, as needed.

Broad-based planning is the most comprehensive and detailed of the financial planning services offered. These financial plans may include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Charitable planning
  • Education funding
  • Estate planning – maximizing your assets during life and for your heirs
  • Gift planning – identify the best assets to gift, applicable method and timing
  • Goal identification, prioritizing and funding
  • Income tax planning
  • Investment planning, including 401(k) and annuity sub account
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk Management – insurance needs
  • Special needs

Project-Based Financial Planning focuses on part, all or a combination of one or more elements of a broad-based plan.

Consulting Financial Planning responds to or provides feedback to an aspect of financial planning when a client is not interested in a comprehensive or segmented plan.

Portfolio Investment Management Services

Portfolio investment management services are unique to each client. We start by actively listening to our clients financial and life goals to ensure that we understand them. This includes their view of wealth, their reaction to the market fluctuation, their financial wants, needs, wishes (goals) and the timing of goals, priority of their goals, cash needs, investment experience and other related factors.

An investment portfolio is tailored specifically for each client.  Financial planning is an integral part of investment management services.  Portfolios are based on sound investment principles, and the client’s financial planning needs.  Portfolios reflect a disciplined approach determining the appropriate diversification, low turnover and minimize investment costs.  Investment success is generally considered to be dependent on asset allocation rather than security selection.  Market timing and speculative strategies are typically not recommended.  A target benchmark is developed for each client.  The benchmark is used to periodically monitor the portfolio to identify when changes are appropriate.  The benchmark is modified when appropriate based on changing circumstances.

We recommend a policy statement to reflect a mutual understanding of how the portfolio should be invested. This process includes an ongoing communication with our clients to enable them to understand their investments and how they work within their stated goals, risk comfort zone, time horizons and other factors.

Some of the assets that we recommend include: money market funds, certificates of deposits, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The assets may also include specific securities a client will not sell. This approach focuses on consistency, efficiency and cost.

Investment Portfolio Management Services

At JAS Financial Services LLC, we provide ongoing investment portfolio management services for those clients that do not want to actively manage their investments.  Financial planning is an essential part of creating an investment portfolio.  This service includes periodic reviews of portfolios and allows us to act on your behalf as your fiduciary. Investment portfolios that are a part of this program are reviewed and acted upon as appropriate for each client’s unique objectives.

Monthly investment account statements are prepared by a custodian, currently TD Ameritrade Institutional. Daily online access to account information is recommended.  Appropriate periodic performance reports, periodic communications and meetings are available as part of this service. On-going investment selection, asset allocation, asset location and portfolio re-balancing as appropriate are also included.

Both of these services require a clear understanding of more than market changes.  Other factors include changes in: needs, goals, assets, liabilities, priorities,comfort with risk and time horizon.

At JAS Financial Services LLC, we subscribe to the professional viewpoint that we must anticipate what our clients want. We also have to inform them of what they need. JAS helps clients understand how investment and financial activities interact, the risks and alternative approaches. This process of education and collaboration  helps clients understand and make informed decisions.

Investment Advisement and Consulting Services

Investment consulting services includes analysis to provide answers and feedback regarding investments.  These services are for clients that do not want ongoing investment portfolio management services. This service may include: investment selection for 401(k) plans, investment selection for 529 plans, review of investment allocations, investment location, and investment selection for charitable purposes and gifting.

JAS FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC also provides investment analysis services to participants of retirement plans.

Specialized consulting services are available other situations.

Joe has provided his experience, education and wisdom  to planning and investment clients for over 30 years.  Each client receives investment expertise tailored to their specific situation and the advice designed to achieve their unique objectives.