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2020 Business Planning

Before the Advice, Check Out the Adviser” 20141010 NYT
Seems hard to believe that some who provide financial services are fighting a requirement that they put the interest of their clients first, before their own.

AICPA celebrating 125 years 2012

“Four Questions To Find The Right Financial Advisor” 20111003F

“Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need” 20111024WSJ
“..the real culprits are the employers…”  “They want prospective workers to be able to fill a role..without any training…”

“How to Check Out Your Stock Broker” 20110705F
This article also discusses the difference between stock brokers and advisers.  It also provides a summary of the various designations.

What Is a CPA Personal Financial Specialist?

“Business Structure and Taxes: 5 Things you need to know” 20110216AOL
Tax return dates, filing forms, etc. are determined based on the business structure.