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Estate Planning: Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Elder Care, etc.

Estate tax, gift tax and elder care planning are not just for the super wealthy.  Not only can it provide more for ones heirs.  It can help protect you and your heirs during difficult life events.

2020 Estate Planning

Life After Your Death? Here’s Why You should Have a Trust” 20180322 NYT
Naming the right trustee is very important.

Death Is Inevitable. Financial Turmoil Afterwards Isn’t” 20170113 NYT
“There are …plenty of details that people can attend to in advance that can avoid some measure of stress when the time comes.

Why You Should Update Your Estate Plan” 20140703F
An estate plan needs to be updated for many changes in your life and changes in the tax laws.

“Who’s Inheriting Your 401(k)?” 20140404WSJ
If you do not update your beneficiary the funds could go to a unintended recipient

“Laws for Older Adults”
2013 July Illinois General Assembly Legislative Research Unit

2014 Key Estate Planning Numbers

“When It’s Time to Manage Dad’s Money” 20131108WSJ
“Being a Fiduciary is a Big Job, and It’s Easy to Screw It Up”

“Why Your College-Age Children Need an Estate Plan” 20130921WSJ
These issues relate to everyone.  Adult students and single individuals may be overlooking these issues.

“How to Dismantle a Trust” 20130620WSJ
“Investors are looking for safe ways to terminate trusts they no longer need.”

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