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About Us

Thank you for showing an interest in JAS Financial Services, LLC. We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in developing, improving and monitoring your financial planning and/or your investment and wealth management.

At JAS Financial Services, we focus on the specific needs of each client. This provides a focused level of service:

  • Your priorities come first: Your financial goals (needs, wants and wishes) become our focus.
  • We work with any size client with no limitations on assets or net worth.
  • You will know upfront what the fees for our services will be.
  • Your priories determine the level of service including advisory, financial planning, investment management or wealth planning.

Our recommendations are developed for your specific situation. As a Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Advisors your interest always comes first. I do not sell products, accept referral fees or receive any form of compensation other than direct payment from you.  That means that our advice and recommendations are tailored with your unique financial goals as the primary factor. Your interests always come first.

I believe that everyone can benefit from objective, professional financial advice. This applies to all services including: answering one question, a comprehensive plan, a retirement plan, an investment plan, or a second opinion.

Joseph A. Smith has been  providing professional financial advice and helping individuals, families and businesses achieving the financial goals for over 30 years.


Call JAS Financial Services today at 847-328-8011
to start planning to reach your financial Goals!