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Health care is the largest industry in the United States and is likely to grow even more. In almost every community, health care will play some role in economic development. It may be the dominant employer and source of economic growth or a minor part of the local economic picture. Regardless, communities should actively plan and consider the economic role of health care.

2020 Government Planning

2020 Protection Planning

Hospital Mergers Improve Health? Evidence Shows the Opposite” 20190211
“…with more or less government involvement…competition is a valuable tool that can drive health care toward greater value.”

10 Things to know about your new Medicare card” 2018 April NYT

Blame Technology, Not Longer Life Spans, for Health Spending Increases.” 20170123 NYT
“…higher health care spending by older patients has more to do with their proximity to death than with their age.”

Price Transparency Is Nice. Just Don’t Expect It ti Cut Health Costs.” 20161219 NYT
“…lack of price transparency in health care has been cited as one of the reasons we spend too much on it. It’s easy to overpay. … there is no established relationship with quality.

Surprise! Insurance Paid the E.R. but Not the Doctor” 20161116 NYT
A recent study found more than 20% of emergency patients are in this situation.

HSAs Offer Tax Benefits Beyond 401(k)s” 20160130 WSJ
“The biggest payoff…comes when the money set aside isn’t all used for current medical bills…”

20150626.Supreme Court upholds subsidies

U.S. Census Bureau Issues Report on Health Insurance Coverage.

20131107-Health Care Insurance Enrollment Questions & Challenges

20130918-Employers, ACA Notices are required by September 30, 2013

“Looking Beyond Long-Term Care” 20130215WSJ
A discussion of continuing – care retirement communities.

“Myths about Canada, U.S. health care debunked” 20120809MW
This article is based on “5 Myths About Canada’s Health Care System AARP article.

“Medical Paperwork Syndrome” 20120615WSJ
If you are overwhelmed by medical claims and related paperwork, a claims advisor may be the answer.

“Canada’s single-payer health plan turns 50” 20120703MW
“Canada’s un-American health care remains hugely popular…”

Medical Paperwork Syndrome” 20120612WSJ
Services are available to “sift through paperwork, track claims, decipher what needs to be paid, uncover mistakes and appeal claims denials.”

“Health Insurers Plan Over $1 Billion in Rebates” 20120426WSJ
These rebates, under Obama Care, are expected to be paid in August

“9 Signs You Should Fire Your Doctor” 20110726 USN
Discusses points that may indicate you should make a change.

“10 Things Health Insurers Won’t Say” 20110307SM
Important information about health care benefits and costs.

“Retirees Snared by Medicare” 20091230WSJ

“Why and How to Put Together a Family Medical History” USN&WR 20090730

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