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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio management services are unique to each client. We start by actively listening to our clients financial and life goals to ensure that we completely understand them. This includes their view of wealth, their reaction to the ups and downs of the market, their financial wants, needs, wishes and the timing of their wants, needs, wishes, cash needs, their investment experience and other related factors.

We then create a portfolio tailored specifically for each client, based on sound investment principals, and the client’s financial aspirations. Our portfolios reflect a disciplined approach determining the appropriate diversification, low turnover and minimize investment costs. Investment success is generally considered to be dependent on asset allocation rather than security selection. Market timing and speculative strategies are typically not recommended. The portfolio is regularly monitored, rebalanced and modified as indicated by changing circumstances.

We recommend a policy statement to reflect a mutual understanding of how the portfolio should be invested. This process includes an ongoing communication with our clients to enable them to understand their investments and how they work within their stated goals, risk tolerance, time horizons and other factors.

Some of the assets that we recommend include: money market funds, certificates of deposits, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The assets may also include those that the client is not willing to sell. Most portfolios will have a core of indexed-based mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds. This approach provides a low cost yet effective method to capture the efficiencies of the markets. Actively managed mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are used as satellites to the core component of the portfolio to capture tactical opportunities.

On-Going Portfolio Management Services

At JAS Financial LLC, we provide on-going portfolio management services for those clients that do not want to actively manage their investments.  This service includes regular reviews of your portfolio and allows us to act on your behalf as your fiduciary. Portfolio’s that are a part of this program are reviewed and acted upon as appropriate for each client’s unique objectives.

Monthly account statements are prepared by a custodian, currently TD Ameritrade Institutional. Daily online access to account information is also available.  If appropriate periodic performance reports,  periodic communications and meetings are available as part of this service. This program also provides for on-going investment selection, asset allocation, asset location guidance, and portfolio rebalancing as needed.

Both of these services require a clear understanding of not only the fluidity of the market, but also our client’s assets, goals (objectives), risk-tolerance, time horizon and other related factors.

At JAS Financial LLC, we subscribe to the professional viewpoint that we must anticipate what our clients want. We also have to inform them of what they need.  Studies show most people do not realize they are more concerned about not suffering losses than they are about realizing their gains. They do not understand that many of their financial moves are an instinctive reaction to that fear rather than informed understanding of the actual risks. It is our role to reduce their fear through education, trust and proven results.