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A lot of thought must be given to what you will need for your retirement. Your retirement goes much easier when you’ve planned ahead with the right savings and investments. You are going to be responsible for yourself and your future, so make sure it’s enjoyable by preparing for your retirement ahead of time.

2020 Retirement Planning

Asked About Retiring, They Have a Simple Answer: Why?” 20171216 NUT

How to Find Serenity Despite Retirement Uncertainty” 20170621 NYT

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) 2017 February JAS

They’re Growing Older, Their Mortgage Debt is Growing Deeper.” 20181118 NYT
Fewer are able to be debt free when they planned to retire.

10 Financial Perks of Growing Older” 20160208 USN
You need to know most of these perks to request or apply for the discounts.

New Math for Retirees and the 4%Withdrawal Rate” 20150508 NYT

Parents, the Children Will Be Fine, Spend Their Inheritance Now.” 20140919 NYT
Children probably do not expect an inheritance.

Retirement May Be Even More Expensive Than You Think” 20140712NYT
“Investing for a Lifetime”, by Richard C. Marston

“Looking Beyond Long-Term Care” WSJ20130215
An informative discussion of continuing-care retirement communities.

2013 Retirement Planning Key Numbers

“Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement” 20120721TNYT
Food for thought!

“7 resolutions for retirees in 2012” 20120105SPI
Not all 7 resolutions will apply to everyone.  They are all worthy of consideration.

“How to Make Your Nest Egg Last Longer” 20111219WSJ
Consider the tax nature of your income and your tax brackets to determine the accounts to take funds and when to take the funds.

“Oldest Baby Boomers Face Jobs Bust” 20111219WSJ
“Older Baby Boomers are trying to postpone retirement, as many find spending habits far outpaced their thrift.”

“4 Reasons Boomers Need Bigger Nest Eggs than Their Parents” 20111221SM
This article discusses the impact of: fewer defined benfit plans, lower interest rates, longer life expectancy, and increased health care costs.

“IRA Heirs DO’s and DON’Ts” 201141224WSJ
This article answers 6 questions that are very important.  It also highlights to do further research before following the advice.  Most articles are not intend to be a comprehensive discussion of the topics.  The also can not cover every factor to consider when considering the action noted.  The question about special-needs trust is a good example:  An experienced estate planning and/or elder care attorney should be consulted.  This subject should be covered in your planning today.  Another example is the is the question about failure to take Required Minimum Distributions.  In calculating the distributions that should have been made, consider the earnings in the account.  When considering taking action on an article contact your advisor first.

“A Wish List for Retirement Funds” 20110924WSJ
This article makes suggestions to improve your use of target date funds.

“5 Factors that could put your pension at risk” 20110922USNWR
This article discusses how to handle some of the problem that could put yor pension at risk.

“Don’t Join the Ostrich Generation” 20110917WSJ
It is too easy to put-off the discussions about retirement.  This article outlines steps to take when you are in your 40s.  The discussion assumes you already have a good savings plan in place.  There is even more to do if your savings plan is not adequate.

“4 Things Older Investors Need to Know About Gold” 20110817SM
Questions about gold increase when the stock market is volatile.

“How to Tap Your Nest Egg In a Wild Market” 20110815SM
A volatile market is a good reason to review your planning, especially investment allocations and withdrawal rates.

“You Need a Plan to Boost Retirement Income” 20110724MW
The first step in achieving you income goals are to plan for them.  Periodic monitoring is also need so you can allow for changing circumstances.

“401(k) Law Suppresses Savings for Retirement” 20110707WSJ
Make sure you are contributiong the most you can to your employers’ 401(k) plan.

“Retirement 101:How to Figure Out What You’ll need” 20110321 WSJ
A straight forward summary of how to determine what you will need to retire and steps to get you there.

“2010 – 2011 Retirement Planning Key Numbers

“How to Cash Out in Retirement” 20110308 WSJ
A discussion of alternative strategies to maximize income during retirement.

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