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Social Security and Medicare

Social Security is one of the largest government programs in the world, paying out hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Based on the year someone was born, retirement benefits may begin as early as age 62.  Life time benefits are often increased by delaying the benefits or using other strategies.

2020 What you will pay for Medicare

2020 Government Benefits

How Changes in Income Affect Medicare Premiums” 20190219 Kiplinger
File Form SSA-44 if certain life changing events reduce current income.

10 Things to know about your  new Medicare card”  2018 April

Know Your Social Security Survivors Benefit Options” June 2018 AARP

2018 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports 20180619

New Medicare Card Mailing Strategy 20180424 CMC

Scammers Are Using New Medicare Cards to Try to Trick Seniors” 20180404 MF

How Special Payments After You Retire Affect Your Social Security Benefit” 20180322 SSA
“Special Payments” are payments received for earnings before you started receiving Social Security Benefits.  Calculations if you started benefits before full retirement age different than if benefits started after full retirement age.

2018 Medicare Figures

Planning Now Cuts Back on Future Uncertainty” 20160512 SSA

20 Social Security stats everyone should know” 20160116.USAT

Social Security Claiming Rules

2016 Medicare Premiums and Other Costs

Continuing Financial Challenges for Social Security and Medicare 20150804
Report by the Trustees of the Social Security and medicare trust funds released July 22, 2015

The Social Security Maze and Other U.S. Mysteries” 20150313 NYT

2015 Social Security and Medicare Figures

“6 Things About Social Security Advisors Should Tell Clients” 20131216TA

Social Security and Medicare face financial challenges 20130531

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