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College/Education Planning

Starting early is an important step you can take to ease the burden of meeting college costs. However, even if your child is approaching high school graduation, there are still some steps you can take to prepare for financing this important asset.

2020 Education Planning

College Costs Data for 2019-2020 School Year
Highlights from the annual costs report by the College Board

Interest Rates on Federal Student Loan Decrease for 2019-2020

How to Get the Most Out of College” 20180817 NYT
This article discusses the intangible benefits of collage that are often not mentioned in other article.

2018 – 2019 Interest Rates Rise on Federal Student Loans

529 Plan changes under the 2017 tax law

Federal Student Loan Rates increase July 1, 2017

Think twice before you co-sign on a student loan“20160728 CNBC

Here’s how to pay for college this fall” 20160602 CNBC
Good information

Sallie Mae Now Offers Education Loans to Parents, Too” 20160429 NYT
This may apply to parents with a high probability of meeting their other financial goals, especialiy for retirement.

These Jobs Offer the Highest Pay for Your Degree (Or Lack of One)” 20151224 WSJ
The occupations in this article may provide ideas of future careers if you do not have an interest and/or passion for your future occupation.

College Costs for 2015_2016 and New FAFSA Timeline for 2017_2018

Why It Makes Good Sense to Save for College Now” 20151023 NYT
This article identifies some incorrect perceptions related to financing college.

A Chance to Boost Financial Aid for Today’s High-School Sophomores” 20151023 WSJ
Tax strategies for financial aid need to be reviewed because of changes in the rules in completing the Free Application for Federal Student.  New rules will apply for aid for the 2017-2018 school year.  The “prior year” income will be used rather than prior year income.

How to Approach Student Loans, as First Payments Come Due” 20151016 NYT
This article has some useful links.

Interest Rates Decrease Slightly on Student Loans
Applies to loans issued July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

College Majors Figure Bog in Earnings” 20150507 WSJ
Higher potential compensation should not be the only factor considered when deciding on a major.  ed

Boost Your Chances for College Aid” 20141212 WSJ
This article discusses many of the current issues relating to financial aid.

Colleges’ Wider Search for Applicants Crowds Out Local Students” 20141008 WSJ
Unintended consequences from states reducing funding for their universities.

“Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious and Put Colleges Behind Schedule”20131013NYT

“Death of the prepaid college tuition plan” 20130920MW
“A college savings plan that for years was pitched to parents as an insurance policy against rising tuition prices is scrambling to live up to its promises—and to hold on to investors.”

2012-2013 Increase in College Costs

New Student Loan Legislation Halts Scheduled Rate Increase on Stafford Loans for One Year

“Smarter Ways to Help Your Kids Pay for College” 20120518WSJ
This article discusses some alternatives for “older parents” with limited years of income and savings.  Co-signing a student loan is one alternative to avoid.

“The Student-Debt Playbook” 20120420WSJ
This article discusses ways that may reduce. rework or eliminate federal student debt.

“Making 529 Plans Work” 20120211WSJ
Because college costs increasing and the stock market is volatile, people are not sure what they should be doing. This article discusses some things to consider when planning how to proceed.

“A High-Rate Deadline Looms” 20111224WSJ
In the right circumstances, this approach may be used for a resrve account and future college expenses.

New Student Debt Repayment Plan

“College Board Release New College Cost Numbers”

“Tuition Jumps 8.3% Doubling Inflation” 20111025B
The increase was higher for public than private 4 year universities.

“Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need” 20111024WSJ
“..the real culprits are the employers…”  “They want prospective workers to be able to fill a role…without any training…”

“The White House Fact Sheet on Student Loans” 20111025TPI
Starting in 2012 the Department of Education will start to reach out to qualified borrowers.

US News & World Report College Rankings 20110919USN&WR

“Get Smart About College” 20110919WSJ
This article highlights the need to understand how they think.  Tips are presented to avoid the cognitive traps.

“The Best Banking Deals for College Students” 20110907SM
Useful information about financial products aimed at college students.

“This is a Credit Card – Use it Wisely” 20110827WSJ
Authorizing your child as a signer on your credit card may be better than co-signing their credit card.

“Colleges That Help Grads Get Top Salaries”20110811SM
The “Interactive” tab gives a table of the 50 colleges with the highest scores.

“College Condos 101: Parents buying property to cut student housing” 20110821CT
This article discuss some of the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing a condo for a college students.

“4 Steps to Financially Prepare Your Student for College” 20110817USN
This primer can help you and your child prepare for college.

“Fixed-Rate Student Loans, with a Catch” 20110817SM
Loans with fixed rates are being offered by some financial institution.

“New Losses for College Savers” 20110812SM
It is important to periodically review the performance of investments that are intended to be used for college expenses.  You should also review the current costs and the amounts you are perodiclally investing for college expenses.

Open Interest Rates Drop Slightly On Some Variable Rate Federal Student Loans

“Tuition Hikes Hit Students – almost 20 states cut funding for college…” 20110711SM
Illinois mentioned as a state that reduced grants.

“A College-Savings Strategy That Could Flunk Out” 20110702WSJ
It is important to understand the risks and how the policies work when evaluating this strategy.

“College Costs: Which Can You Deduct?” 20110504SM
A general discussion of the tax status of various college costs

“States Worried About Viability of Prepaid College Savings Plans” 20110328IN
Many of the 15 states with prepaid college plans are reviewing the adequacy of the funding for these plans.  Illinois is a state that has been looking at alternative approaches to dealing with its shortfall.

“College Savings Gets Trickier” 20110121WSJ

A summary of various alterntives  including: 529 plans, Coverdale Accounts, Trust & Custodial Accounts, Taxable Accounts, Roth IRAs and Savings Bonds.

“Does a 529 plan help or hurt when it comes to financial aid?” 20110121KC
After stating “…529 accounts owned by either you or your child are treated as your assets” the article discusses some planning ideas.

“The Most Affordable Colleges in America” 20110107SM
You want to be aware of the colleges discussed in this article.

College Board Releases New College Cost Numbers 2010 Oct.

“Parents can do makeup work on 529s” 20100502CT

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