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Consumer Information

As a consumer you need to learn more about your rights before entering into any contracts. Getting a credit application approved, transferring money from one account to another, renewing your driver’s license, or even getting a prescription from your doctor at your local pharmacy can be easy and quick. The downside of these conveniences is that they provide more opportunities for your personal information to be accessed. Awareness of where your personal information can be changed, stolen or inaccurate, gives you the power to protect your information.

Ponzi Scheme Protection As financial markets fluctuate, fraud risk grows” 201806 AARP

Unknown Tech Brands Aren’t Like Groceries. don’t Just Grab Them.” 20180404 NYT

No-Talk Phone Scams Dialing deceivers don’t need you to say anything to rip you off” 20180408 AARP

Do Financial Advisers Have to Act in Your Interest? Maybe” 20180322 NYT

Homeland Security Cybersecurity Toolkit 20171023

How to Protect Yourself After the Yahoo Attack” 20160925 NYT

Is it possible to refinance too often?” 20160801 WP

When Websites Won’t Take No for an Answer” 20160514 NYT
Something we all see to often.

Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be Costly but Effective” 20151225 NYT
This article highlights some things to consider when looking for long-term care insurance.  These considerations are helpful in an area without “concrete guidelines”.

Lease and Lengthier Loans Can Reduce Car Payments” 20151204 NYT
Leases and longer-term loans are becoming more popular.

The Hidden Reason People Spend Too Much” 20151102 WSJ

Financial experts may have gotten this wrong for years”   20150818 MW

Use Everyday Life to Teach Kids About Money” 20150619 WSJ
This is a common sense approach to helping your children develop  an understanding about financial matters.

Companies’ data collection makes many consumers uneasy” 20150605 NYT
The article mentions a plugin to control and see who is tracking you.

Financial Advice for New College Grads” 20150508 WSJ
Graduation is time to start thinking about retirement.

Even the Tax Man Has a Taxing Time”  20150415WSJ
This is an article about identity theft.

Making Money Decisions When You Lose Your Job” 20150227 NYT
Some common questions and issues when you lose your job.

How Economists’ 2014 Projections Fared” 20150101 WSJ
Last year’s consensus forecasts for 2014 were “off-the-mark”.


Protect Your Medical Data From identity Theft” 20141114 WSJ

Failure to refinance can prove costly” 20140912 CT
Sometimes people do not refinance their mortgages because they do not realize how much they could save.

Got HAMP?” 20140914 CT
Those with home equity loans a decade ago and those how had their home mortgage modified under the  Home Affordability Modification Program (HAMP) may see their mortgage payments increase.

“Sidestepping the Risk of a Privacy Breach” 20140207NYT
Privacy breaches are happening more frequently.  You need to be alert to the issue and steps to take to reduce the chances of this happening to you.

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