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Insurance & Annuities

A lot of thought must be given to what you will need for your retirement and what life insurance you can afford. Your retirement goes much easier when you’ve planned ahead with the right savings and investments. You are going to be responsible for yourself and your future, so make sure it’s enjoyable by preparing for your retirement ahead of time.

The Simple Annuity Explainer We Could Write” 20181214NYT
This is a good follow-up Ron Lieber’s 20181203 article.

We Went to a Steak Dinner Annuity Pitch. The Salesman Wasn’t Pleased” 20181203NYT
This article may help prepare you for one of these “Dinners”.

Dream Investment or Potential Nightmare?“20171001 AARP
“Fixed-index annuities are popular–but have problems
“For a guaranteed income, try a plain-vanilla immediate or deferred annuity. It’s cheaper, and you’re not apt to be led astray.”

Why Some Life Insurance Premiums Are Skyrocketing” 20160813 NYT
Universaal Life  policies have been impacted as these policies are very sensitive to interest rates.

Finally, Private Unemployment Insurance, But Will anyone Buy It?” 20160527 NYT
Coverage for a portion of the difference between your old salary and  state unemployment benefits.

Should You Exchange Your Variable Annuity?” FINRA
Discussions like this are becoming more common with pressure for all financial professionals to do what is best for their clients.

Low Rates Are Tormenting Insurers- and Their Customers” 20160320 WSJ
Life-insurance companies Insurance companies are trying to adjust to low interest rates

Annuities as an Alternative to Shaky Markets? Not So Fast” 20160129 NYT
“Despite all the support…among economists, there are good reasons for consumers to be wary.”

Long-Term Care Insurance Baffle, With Complex Policies and Costs” 20151218 NYT
“…a universal problem that looms large, is hard to predict and will be costly to mitigate.”

Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Health-Law Subsidies” 20150625 WSJ
June 25, 2015 The Supreme court held that health insurance subsidies are available if the insurance is purchased through the federal exchange or a state-based exchange.

Looking Out for Yourself With Disability Insurance” 20140912 NYT
This coverage replaces part of earned income that will be lost in the event of you are unable to work because of a disability.

Using Immediate Annuities to Guarantee Retirement Income” 20140704WSJ
An informative discussion of a basic annuity and how it can be used.

“DOI Moves to Allow Consumers to Continue Current Coverage into 2014” IDOI20131122

“Optimal Annuitization with Stochastic Mortality Probabilities” 20130626CBO
This working paper suggests that “…it is not optimal for most households to annuitize any wealth”

“Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?” 20120810TNYT
James Vlahos provides an informative discussion about selling your life insurance, life settlements

“Life Policies: The Whole Truth” 20120608WSJ
“…many of the policies still have the same issues they always have had: often-steep agent commissions, high cancellation rates and annual costs that can be both high and difficult to understand.”

The Long-Term Care Dilemma_Insureres Leaving, Premiums Increasing

“Are You Owed Life Insurance?” 20111230WSJ
This article gives the reader tips on how to identify if they are owed money as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

“Some Long-Term-Care Insurance is Better than None” 20111228SM
Some coverage maybe better than none.  Any coverage should be consistent with your financial planning.

“When to skip your employer’s health plan” 20111109R
Informative discussion of times when buying your own coverage makes sense.

“Shaken by Market, Investors Look To Get Whole Through Insurance”  20111206WSJ
You should understand why you are purchasing life insurance and how it fits your individual circumstances.

Restyled Annuities Offer Fewer Choices” 20111007WSJ
Among other things this article highlights of  current changes being made to variable annuities.  Generally the changes reduce the number of investment choices, reduce the guaranties and increase fees.

Is Disability Coverage a Buy?” 20111105WSJ
This article discusses 5 myths to help the reader determine if they should buy disability insurance.

“Don’t Buy Too Much Insurance!” 2011108WSJ
A good discussion about how to consider when insurance should be purchased.

Irene: Are You Covered? 20110827WSJ
Periodically you should check your insurance coverage.  Be sure to check your covrage for wind and flood damage.  Even if you have the coverage, see if the deductibles and maximums are still appropriate.

“How to use Annuities for Retirement Income” 20110802USN
This a general discussion of types of annuities.

“Is It Time to Buy an Annuity?” 20110514 WSJ
Because payouts are near multi-year lows it is important to determine the best alternative for your individual situation.

Would You Buy a Life-Insurance Policy From This Machine?” 20110312 WSJ
The trend to use online application and underwriting may not result in lower costs for term-life insurance.

“Making the Case To Buy an Annuity” 20110308WSJ
Some combination of different types of annuities and mutual funds may provide more security in retirement.

“Make Sure Your Valentine’s Jewels Are Insured” 20110214K
What you need to know when buying a floater to protect you from a loss of your valuables.

“The Latest Long-Term-Care SNAFU” 2010121WSJ
It is important to read and understand your policy.  The provisions that should be read include: whether a hospital stay is requied, if a hospital stay is required is there a specified time period; waiting period; how the waiting period is measured; definition of caregiver; definition of assisted living.

FINRA ALERT “Reverse Mortgages: Avoiding a Reversal of Fortune”

“Congress Overhauls Your Portfolio” 20100717 WSJ
This is a summary highlighting some changes that impact: Mutual Funds, Retirement Plans, Hedge Funds and other private investments, Individual stocks, Derivatives, and Brokerage accounts.

“Juicing Your Life Insurance” 20100605 WSJ

“Redesigned Annuities Abound” [Variable Annuities] 20100102WSJ

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